Need some help learning how to get your local food growing?

Face it, you’ve been thinking about how fulfilling it would be to eat homegrown. You know you’d like to start growing good stuff to eat, smell, and look at. But you haven’t the first clue how to go from the ideas in your head of an oasis, to making a garden of Eden at your place.

You’ve got the yard, but not the garden. Let me help you.

Especially if you have experienced the dark side of gardening- dead plants, failed gardens, pest attacks, wasted money, aaahhhh, then you need help reconnecting with the joys of gardening.

Let me help you find methods, techniques or plants that will be successful for You!

How can I help you find the joys of gardening again? I have years of organic gardening knowledge and I talk to every gardener- newbie or old timer who gardens too. I’ve been gardening since I was born- maybe before- and have had my own garden for over 15 years.

Howdy folks, I’m Rachel Strivelli. I believe that getting our hands in the dirt is good for everyone.

Did you know that digging in the soil is scientifically proven to impact happiness- soil makes you happy.  Dirt makes you smile.  :)

Formal training- I’m out-standing in my field  shoveling Rachel

In terms of formal credentials, I have a Master’s in Science in Soil Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (UBC), one of the top 20 universities in the world. There I not only studied, but worked for the university as a research assistant coordinating and creating content for several science outreach education projects. I have several academic publications, which you can see via my LinkedIn page or on my freelance writing/social media management website.

I am a former classroom teacher and am certified to teach science and agriculture among other subjects.

In addition to teaching, I have worked on several farms, agricultural supply stores, and experiential environmental education centers in

Helping people be successful with gardening is my passion. I will help you step-by-step along the way!

Email me rachel(@) OR call me (864) 648-9476.

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